Windows Client (2.3.1): Change folder location?

Just installed the latest windows client from the nextcloud site (2.3.1).

The app puts my nextcloud folder under \Users

How can I change this location? (Users is on SSD with limited space, want to locate on 2nd hard drive instead).

Have looked through all the menus and documentation; no reference to folder location.

A search turns up instructions for prior version of client; those menu options aren’t available on this client.

Figured it out - have to remove the connection and set the new folder path when you create a new connection

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Greetings @Chip_Royce

You can also change the folder location in ‘nextcloud.cfg’.

Make changes only after closing down the Nextcloud process
(right-click on the Nextcloud client in the try and ‘Exit Nextcloud’.

FIle location (on Windows, for the current user account):

Under [Accounts] you should see all folder sync locations configured via the Nextcloud client.
Change the relevant folder path to your desired one.

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