Windows authentication required for MS Office and Adobe PDF

I use Nextcloud on a network drive. The connection itself uses a WSH script.

When mounting Nextcloud on Windows and opening office documents with Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat Reader with PDF, I will be prompted again for authentication from Windows. Of course PDF is normal. There is no limitation such as a password. Previously it was only Office documents, but we also began to be asked for certification even in PDF.

I can avoid this by using WebDAV client software by thirdparty. However, this method can not be used considering the number of people and the type of users. And we can not change UAC by Windows setting.

OpenOffice (LibreOffice) does not require Windows authentication. In the case of PDF, there seems to be an application that can not be used. For example, we can not open the PDF that is in Nextcloud with MS Edge. This is probably because it is an application that does not have the function of asking for authentication.

Is there any way to prevent Windows authentication from being asked many times?

Nextcloud 13.0.2 / CentOS 7.5 / nginx 1.13.8 / PHP 7.1.18 / Windows10 (1603, 1709, 1803)

This is a known Microsoft Windows/Office issue and not related to Nextcloud. In enterprise enviroments I suggest tocheck your GPOs:

Here’s a link for more information:

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