Windows application not synced

Good afternoon…
Please, my applications installed on windows, are not being able to synchronize with the server it was working normal but stopped.

I’m using nextcloud version 11.0.3

PHP 5.6.40

Windows 10 Operating System

Nextcloud 2.6.4 app


Hello @TINetturbo ,

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Unfortunately you ignored the template and a lot of information to help you is missing.

Please add all necessary information like Nextcloud version, webserver type and version, os version.

Without additional information the community members cannot help you .

For the tip, I completed the information tanks.

Are you sure?

Just the client or the web interface as well. Not sure if the clients checks if the server is not running a very old version…

Good Nigth

Boa Noite
Sim. Só os client, no servidor pela web está normal.

I just checked, for very old server version, it should generate an error. Anyhow, you should upgrade to a supported version (through each major version NC 11 -> NC 12 -> NC13 -> …-> NC17 (-> NC18)). At each step, check out which php version is still supported. Login after each upgrade, check if all apps you are using are activated. Don’t forget to do a backup before all of that.

The problem is, if you find a problem with an unsupported version, there is nobody that will fix it. There are chances as well, that some things were fixed since then.