Windows app cannot connect

We are trying to deploy password app to the windows users on our network. We install the libsodium.dll and other nessecary files. And download the app from the windows store. It installs fine
When we try to start the app we get two issues:

  • if you are not admin you get a completely blank windows upon start
  • if you are admin you get a window where you are expected to enter the url for your nexctcloud. I enter the url and click on check connection and it fails (turns red). I try to click continue in the lower right but nothing happens.

I cannot go further from here.

Nextcloud password as a Chrome extersion works fine on the same pc.

We can also get the android client to work

It is only the Windows client that we cannot get to work.

We are presently running nextcloud 27.0.2
The Windows app version is and is downloaded from the Windows store.
Windows is Enterprise version 10 22H2 build 19045.3570 64bit
Im not that knowledgeable in Windows as i am a daily Ubuntu user, but our Windows technician is wery helpful, but we are both out of ideas as to how to solve this problem.

Anybody knows about a solution?
Kind Regards

The only Windows app in the store for passman is this one. Is that the one you’re trying to use?

It’s described like this:

Please respect, that this is a private project and in pre alpha state.

If so, you’ll likely need to reach out to the maintainer, probably through their repository (which appears to have a related issue open in it).

Yes it is that one.
Thank you for your answer. I will reach out to the maintainer.