Windows 8.1 client install does not work

I have NC windows client and it all installed perfectly fine on a dutch windows 8.1 pro N
however when opening the nextlcoud client after install to logon to Nextcloud it will say rightaway:
"deze app kan niet worden uitgevoerd op uw pc’ “This application can not be started on your pc”
“Ask your software vendor for a different version for this PC”.

I can’t find anyone that would have this same issue so I’m scratching my head on this one… any tips?


do you know if you’re running a 32bit win8.1 or a 64bit one?
i’m just asking this b/c there’s an issue with win7 32bit OSses

@JimmyKater I’m running the 32bits version of W8.1 Pro N

Could it be the W8.1 Pro N piece? that the app doesn’t detect this as a valid OS? Or can I overrule it somewhere? I did try to change the compatibility mode of the nc application already but it didn’t made any change. thnx!

i think it’d rather be the 32bit thingy… and no you can’t overrule it since it’s loading the wrong libraries.
but now there is client 2.5.1 - why not updating and see if it’s working?

@JimmyKater thnx for the suggestion good catch!
However I do get a message then like: cannot get access to the device, path or file. possible access right conflicts. however I even run this as a local administrator…


It’s rather off-topic, but don’t you want to update to Windows 10? I think Win10 is the much better Win8, foremost because it gets rid of the ugly Startmenu. But there are even more improvements in usability. On this occasion you could switch to 64bit :slight_smile:

@Schmu 100% right but this is what I have at this moment as well from a licensing perspective; as we should have w7/w8 client support I don’t like to change the OS because 1 client application on this pc doesn’t work :slight_smile: and all others work without issues; but yes I would totally agree (however we can’t due to business reasons)

i just checked github for the 32bit thingy and could see that it’s still unsolved on the one hand and on the other hand seems to affect all windows 32bit versions…

following our internal forum-rules this would be the solution for your thread (though it’s not a good one, as i understand). but devs do know about the problem and only they can solve it