Windows 11 install w/ Docker. Account setup

I installed NextCloud AIO on Windows 11 PC via Docker.
I am able to reach my domain
I am prompted with account login. However, I don’t see where do I set up the account credentials.
Any idea what am I doing wrong?
Total beginner, please be considerate.

Hi, the credentials should be shown in the AIO interface on port 8080 or 8443.

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Thank you for the quick respoonse.
On Https://localhost:8080 I get
The login is blocked since Nextcloud is running.
Please use the automatic login from your Nextcloud.

If that is not possible, you can unblock the login by running
sudo docker stop nextcloud-aio-apache

And I got confused. I am not sure what to do next and I don’t want to make it worse.

Please do as advised

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That’s where I get lost. I am not sure what I should do.
Do you know how do I go about doing that?
Where would I run sudo docker stop nextcloud-aio-apache
I tried clicking on automatic login and got the git.
Tried to enter
and got the site can’t be reached
Any pointers?

Run docker stop nextcloud-aio-apache and then reload the page on port 8080 and log in. Then you should stop and start the containers again and it should show the initial credentials to you after all container are running.

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Do I run it in the cmd?
I tried.
Where should I run this ?

Yes, run it in cmd

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I did. this is what I got

Yes this looks good. Now do the next steps that I mentioned.

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WOW! Thank you.
I am there.
now I got this
and I dont know what to do next

Click on stop containers and afterwarss start container. After all are up again you should see the credentials.

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I am doing the update. looks like it is taking a while

Getting the following

I got now all green. however, when i went to my domain i get an error message that the webpage might be down or moved.
Any idea?

First, do you see the credentials now in the aio interface?

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I do see them


Now, can you post the output of docker logs nextcloud-aio-apache here?

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Can you scroll down and post the most recent logs here?

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