Windows 11 desktop client syncs slower after a while, and syncs 1200 something files

Hello everyone, I hope that someone with some experience can help me out here.

I have a NextCloudServer hosting 700GB of data.

My share is:

242,588 Files, 10,403 Folders and I sync 10.5 GB of these.

A lot of images, source code, text documents.

Every time I write to a single file 1270 files starts to sync. When the client is just started up it can sync 40 files a second. After running the client for some while the sync speed slows down considerably. After timing it syncs aproximately 2.3 files a second.

Nextcloud version 3.6.0stable-Win64 (build 20220906)

There must be a reason for this strange number of files (it doesn’t match the number of files in the cloud, in the folder of the files that change or anything similar. So I don’t understand the reason.

The slowing down seems also kind of strange, as nothing else changes but the number of times the synchronization has been run.

I got more information: It looks very much like this is a CPU bound thing, not network. After watching a slow sync in action, In the task manager can see that it grabs a core of my CPU and uses it at least 50%, in addition to hogging 0.5GB of memory.

I wouldn’t mind the memory if it used it to sync mega-fast, but it doesn’t.

I’m having this problem too. Brand new Truenas instance, installed nextcloud App on the Truenas control panel. This is super slick btw. Works fine in browser, but the win11 client is just cpu bound. Took almost a week to sync 700G photos (could barely use my pc during that uploading time) and now that it’s finished with the 700G it just chews up all the cpu on my very fast PC. I’m not sure why because it’s already in sync and no more files are changing. I will try to debug for a few more days, but this is unusable in the current state.

Server app version: 25_1.6.13
Win11 Client: Nextcloud-3.6.1

At least I am not alone. Looks like we both share a large amount of files. The complete server probably has 0.7-0.8 TB of files for the moment.

I found the log files for the PC client in C:\Users\MY_PC_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Nextcloud
The log has over 100k lines of errors, all the same “Network error: 99”.

Here are 4 sample lines:

||Photos/2000/000220/02200011.JPG|8|1|951097202||351263||2|Network error: 99|0|0|0||
||Photos/2000/000220/HTML/ICON/GOTOP.GIF|8|1|972518996||1489||2|Network error: 99|0|0|0||
||Photos/2000/000220/HTML/ICON/NEXTBTN.GIF|8|1|972518996||1098||2|Network error: 99|0|0|0||
||Photos/2000/000220/02200012.JPG|8|1|951097202||326711||2|Network error: 99|0|0|0||

Not sure what this means.

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I had to uninstall the client as it was unusable. Soaked up a core, Explorer would stop responding, tray icon interaction would take several minutes. Nextcloud server was idle.

I saw network error 99 in the log as well. It would then sometimes go to “Disconnected”. I would have to close and restart the nextcloud sync agent. I could still access the server through a browser during this disconnect from same workstation.

Server is a quad core 1.7Ghz Xeon 8GB memory running Debian 11 on VMware 7.x.
Nextcloud 25.0.1

Workstation is a Dell XPS13Plus i7 with 32GB memory and Windows 11. Very capable machine.
3279 directories, 29673 files
286G total consumed.

Would love to be able to use the client.

For me it syncs faster after forcible killing the app and restart the app. Is that anyone else can relate to?

Continued problems (high cpu usage and error 99) and could not resolve.

Decided to go with syncthing. Way better solution too, imo. Glad I found it.

May I ask how are you using syncthing and why would you say it’s a better solution than a native app outside of the obvious performance issues?

In my newb ignorance, I would think the only way to get the files in/out of NC would be to talk directly to the data director and run scripts to do chmod, chown and occ.

Several reason, I had owncloud on my previous box. Owncloud had major problems with large file count syncs. So I was very excited to hear there was a NextCloud. It is suppose to be the updated version of Owncloud and I was hoping all the issues were fixed. I really wish it worked.

As for syncthing… peer to peer syncing. Very easy to setup and create a “cloud”. Just point your PCs and Macs to the server. Well might as well let them know about each other as well - and you get a performance boost. cool.

Also, I did huge syncs between my machines without issue. You can even sync the existing owncloud folders it it won’t re-copy the data. It “rescans” and figures it out.

Conflict resolution screen super easy to use shows all conflicts, dates, times, machines with the conflicts and you pick which one you want to override.

Finally, it’s very easy to backup other folders to your server. Just peer-to-peer your dev box/ folder with your server. Previously everything had to be in the “owncloud” folder. Now I can have a bunch of distinct folders to backup. Then Truenas creates a snapshot for me every day. Never loose anything by accident.

BTW, there are native apps for PC, Mac and linux.

Sorry this is so long.

Yeah, I mean, that’s the whole point of Next(own)cloud. Be the cloud and use their apps to sync everything everywhere. Throwing syncthing in the middle is a deviation from the complete package. To me it feels like buying a car that you don’t like the engine so you put a different one. Preference but you’ve added a path to complexity and incompatibility.

Either way, glad it works for you.

I did install the Nextcloud app on my wife’s computer and hers seems fine. Maybe I’ll have to try it again on my laptop.

Totally agree. Just wish it worked.

See Massive slow down when NC tray icon is open · Issue #4918 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub for a related issue and my comment in for my findings.

I can confirm that restarting the client helps for some time until performance decreases again.

This sounds like the same issue. Restarting speeds up, slows down over time again.

I have an additional problem with a fixed sync of 1200 files as well, but it could seem like this is two issues, not one.

Currently running Version 3.7.3 (Windows) of the client.
against version 25.0.3 of the Server.

My 1200 files are now syncing fast all the time without any slowdown.

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