Windows 11 Client - Rename system folder

I set up my new PC with Windows 11 and set up my three Nextcloud accesses. (three different servers). These are all displayed in the navigation of the windwos file explorer. Access works perfectly.

Unfortunately, all three system folders are called “Nextcloud” exactly the same. I can’t find a way to rename them either.
In Windows 10 the folders were called “Nextcloud - USER@SERVER”

Can anyone help? I don’t have a way to set the name of this folder or to rename it later, either in the Nextcloud client or in the Windows settings.

Thank you

Hello @peter234 !

Unfortunately, you have to configure the Nextcloud clients again, i.e. add each NC server again.
When you’re in the folder configuration, you have to select a different folder here (or create it with the folder name you want) and then it should work!

Hopefully I could help you,

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Hello SchBenedikt,

I tried that. Unfortunately, the folder path is not related to the name of the system folder. No matter what the local folder is called, the navigation always says “Nextcloud”.

As a workaround, however, I found the option to hide these folders. (see the screenshot).

Of course, it would be nice if I
could customize the name of the folder in the navigation area.

I just tested the same thing again on my laptop with Windows 10. Nextcloud client version also 3.12.0.
Here I have integrated the same Nextcloud server. Here the folder in the navigation area is called “Nextcloud - USERNAME@URL_NEXTCLOUD_SERVER”

It looks like a problem specifically with Windows 11.
I wrote ab bug report.

Update by @wwe: for reference the bugreport: [Bug]: Windows 11 Name of systemfolder in navigation area of windows file explorer - missing Account Name · Issue #6485 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub