Windows 10 "Keep on device" keeps crashing, no issues on Windows 11

I currently have Nextcloud 3.10.1 on both my Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. I am trying to apply “Always keep on this device” on a folder that has a few documents (~34MB) in it. However, doing this causes the client to stop responding. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the the desktop client, and deleted the Nextcloud folder in %APPDATA% before reinstalling. Still the same.

I tried doing it on a smaller folder with 3 files, and the same issue happens. However, the client will unfreeze for a bit and one of the files had a check mark on it, then it’ll stop responding again. Leaving it alone, it took a couple of minutes for 3 PDFs to be completed.

I tried it again on the first folder and it unfreezes every now and then, with a green check mark appearing on a few folders after about half an hour. However, the connection keeps getting timed out, and I have to constantly reconnect it in settings.

It seems to be an issue on Windows 10 since I also tried the same folder on my Windows 11 device, and it works instantly.

Checking the admin > logging page, there aren’t any errors at the time I was trying to sync the folders. Any ideas what’s causing this?

I also tried copy pasting the folder into a different one, and it was able to download it and paste in a second. All the files now have the “Available on this device” light green check. And it also now works when I apply the “Always keep on this device”.