Windows 10 desktop-client download link broken


unfortunately, I have no idea where to put it, so I hope you can tell me (for the next time) and you can sort it.

I tried to download the desktop-client for Windows 10, and I get a github 404.
Steps to reproduce:

Go to Install – Nextcloud
[no picture due to restriction of two media files in post for ‘new users’]

Click on ‘Desktop Client herunterladen’

Click on Windows 10 and see


Same for me, took me longer to decide where to put this as it may need to get fixed… duplicate of Official desktop client install URL points to non-existing 3.2.0 (so far only 3.2.0-rc3 is available)

i’d say you found that inbetween the time of promoting a new link and uploading the new file there as V3.2.0 isn’t officially released, yet (at least it bypassed me so far)


I hope that get fixed soon, because I’m actually not interested in the file itself, but in writing the university-internal documentation and therefore I need a working webpage. I actually wonder, why Nextcloud is not pointing to ‘latest’ or first upload something on github before changing the website?

It’s fixed. On Twitter and Facebook (I used both channels to notify the team but did not get any reaction) they now also announced it officially.

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i sent someone there an email :wink: - and didn’t receive any reaction, too. but as it was fixed somehow it was acknowledged… maybe it was your hints on twitter and fb :wink:

maybe… it’s not the first time I tried to reach sb at Nextcloud to fix something on their official website… Nextcloud 13.0.5 and 12.0.10 secure and stabilize your server - #30 by juggy … used IRC instead of FB last time… I could try to call the Stuttgart Office next time :smile:

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