Windows 10 computer do not show context menu

I have an hosted nextCloud working in 5 computers with Windows 10, all users have admin rights in Windows.
On 1 of these the context menu does not appear even if I have a local copy of all files. I have reinstalled, installed it again but the problem keeps occurring. I have the last version in the computer.
What can I do to solve this?

Please check, whether there is running a second cloud software (Ondrive, Dropbox, Owncloud etc.) on the computer.
After exit the other cloud software and Nextcloud client and start Nextcloud client again, its context menu should appear after right-click.

The context of the cloud client-software , which starts first after booting, will be shown in the context menu.


There’s no other second cloud software running :slightly_frowning_face:

I have checked the context menu handlers using the tool from nirsoft and NextCloud had 5 entries, I left only one enabled but the problem still occurs.

Hello ,
I have the same problem (lack of context menu) on 1 windows 10 client (latest version, local copy, 2 other clients working well).
How to analyze what is happening?

I have the same issue. No Nextcloud in context menu for File Explorer. Any solution?