Windows 10 calendar can't create events anymore

I have been using the standard windows 10 calendar app successfully with nextcloud for a while now, but just realised that it doesn’t work anymore:
New events I create in the windows app are not synced to my nextcloud instance.
When creating new events in the nextcloud calendar app or on my phone (using davdroid) I can also sync them to the windows app. Also working is changing details of events in the windows app (eg the title), they get updated.

My problem now is that I don’t know how many new events I created that are not synced so I don’t want to remove the account from the calendar and I also don’t really want to compare events for the next year, to see what is missing.
Can somebody confirm the problem and can somebody help me?

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Okay it seems to be a problem with the windows 10 calendar app version 16005.13228.41011.0.
I found a company reporting the same problems:


Still having this issue with the Microsoft Calendar version 16005.13228.41011.0

Hope Microsoft will resolve this problem soon.

Ran into the same issue. New events created in Windows Calendar app are not synced to Nextcloud anymore, this bug exists for weeks.

Current calendar version 16005.13228.41011.0 still has this issue.

Good thing: it´s not related to Nextcloud.
Bad thing: it´s not related to Nextcloud. Therefore Microsoft need´s to fix it and as we can see… it takes like forever, NO PROGRESS so far.

How to report this issue to Microsoft? The linked website doesn´t seem to be kind of official…

Ah there´s a quite new report related to this. It´s only in the German Microsoft community, couldn´t find any international/more official source :frowning: