Win10 client silently shuts down

Dear Community,

I’m suffering since months from a weird behavior: on my Win10 laptop (OS and client always up-to-date), I sometimes find out that the nextCloud client has silently shut down and didn’t sync anything since days. Once I reload it, everything’s fine and running, but the sync could last hours, depending the number of files that were pending (installed recently a node.js project -> 36k files to update = 10 hours, as I was out of the office).

I just couldn’t find any clue to troubleshoot this and am stuck at it: any help would be welcome! Is there any logfile I could activate on the client?

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

Any chance to get some help on this issue? Thanks in advance for your support!

@jlgarnier hey Jean-Luc,

ummm… As I read through your postings I can’t find any helpful information that would enable anyone to chime in here to help you.

So if you wouldn’t mind giving out some more informations about your server, setup, environment, logs… :wink:

At least that would improve the chances to get real help here (no guarantee, though)

Hi @JimmyKater and thanks for the feedback!

You’re totally right but I didn’t really know which contextual information would be valuable to investigate the issue: would you be kind enough to give me some hints?

What I can tell so far:

  • As of today, the client is version 2.6.4stable-Win64 (build 20200303).
  • It runs on Windows 10 Family 18363.900.
  • The server runs on Debian Linux 9, Linux 4.9.182-xxxx-std-ipv6-64 for x86_64 (hosted by
  • The main server is managed with Virtualmin 6.09.

Can you please advise on the logfiles that could bring some light on the issue?

Thanks again for your support!

as it migt be a problem with your nc-instance i’m afraid we’d need more infos about that one as well…
do you have app issue template installed? if not: pls do so, let it run and copy & paste it’s output here.

Hi @JimmyKater,
The report from the plugin is way too large: how can I upload it to this thread?
Thanks for your help!

usually copy and paste should do the job… just try it

Already tried and rejected: max allowed for the post is 32k chars, the report is over 380k chars…

WHAT? gaaaawd! :scream:

ok… why not saving the report in a file on your cloud and then share it here?

Me… Stupiiiid… :grimacing:
Here it is:

darn… your nextcloud.log gets flooded by messages from your groupfolder app.

i really don’t know what they mean. but maybe it was worth a try to exclude groupfolders from synching via desktop-client and see what would come out of it… would that be an option? (not forever, just to see if that would “help” in any way)

Unfortunately, all groupfolders are already excluded from sync! I’ve created them to play with access control (which doesn’t fit my needs) and never used them.

darn again. in this case i’m running out of ideas… i’m afraid :frowning:
sorry for havening been unable to help you…


Thanks anyway, I really appreciate your help! By the way, I suspect some weird dependency with the desktop context, as I don’t suffer from this problem with another laptop (Win10 pro)… The internet connection sometimes breaks at home, so maybe nextCloud client just shuts down because of this…

I’ll keep you posted of any progress on the case!

Thanks again.

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