Will there be an update for Nextcloud >= 28?


Nextcloud ist showing ‘Markdown Editor’ as incompatible version for Upgrade to Nextcloud 28.x.
Does it work ? Will it be compatble with Nextcloud > 27.x
Thanks in advance

Check-out the following issue ticket:

NextCloud 29 will be released in a week and then the game will start all over again.
The same problem existed until recently with OfficeOnline. It’s a real shame that a new version comes out so quickly without the apps being available… :smiling_face:

Yes, it’s not all that nice. But only the apps that are delivered more or less directly with Nextcloud are really reliable.

Regarding the Markdown editor, I don’t understand why Nextcloud Text still doesn’t have an editing function for the Markdown original text. It can’t be that difficult. I can only edit it with renaming test.md to test.txt, edit and then rename back to test.md.

My understanding is that in the end, the Text app is limited by the changes upstream on the app Text it is based of, which is TipTap.

If you want to see some of the progress that is being done regarding certain issues, which may or may not be addressed, simply go there and check their Github. That is what I do. Since I had wondered why there are a number of requests over the years that the NC Devs here do not/cannot do.

Checking their Github does at times elucidate as to why.

Nextcloud Text is really not a small app with 70 MB (!!!) memory usage. I’ll probably never understand why it can’t also process plain text and Markdown as text. But Christmas is coming soon. You can make a wish again. Nextcloud Text is not a text app. Sorry. But that is the truth.

However, I am very satisfied with the app when it comes to Markdown. Even if I find the line spacing too large.

Never questioned whether NC Text was a small or big app, since you are right, it ain’t tiny. What I said is that it is down-streamed from TipTap. My guess, if I wanted to wager one as why Text cannot do that is because it is based off Tiptap, which is itself a wrapper of ProseMirror, which is a rich text editor out of the box, not a plain text editor. So, in that regard, there is nothing the NC Devs can really do to change that. It would require a major rewrite or to switch products. Which I doubt they will do anytime soon, if ever. Since most of TitTap addons seem to have been implemented into Text.

In ProseMirror, you need to switch editor modes on it, as well. Which, again, just guessing, I assume is what the plain-text editor app essentially does, or as an analogue in NC.

My old pet peeve was that it destroys YAML formats due to how it renders the imported text behind the scenes, that is why I had to switch over to BookStack for some needs.


In general, I do like the Notes app, I have over 3400 on my main account but in my case, I am one of the many who the Rich Text mode does not work on Android.