Will all basic cloud functionality perform nominally with 50k photos, videos, songs, documents?

I’m finding Nextcloud very useful and fun. I’ve downloaded and deleted data from Google and I want to import it into my Nextcloud server. It’s a lot of files. Are there any limitations to the number of files I can upload into a single Nextcloud instance with just a few users? I’m wondering if tens of thousands of files would slow down the Files app, sharing functions, deleting files, searching, the Photos app, anything, for me or the other couple of users. Is there something I should be aware of before I import tens of thousands of files? Any missing indexes, known web performance issues, stuff like that?

I’m not asking about resource limitations for the server (memory & CPU), physical disks, filesystems (free space & inodes), underlying database (mariadb in my case) or cache performance. I know more or less how to diagnose and deal with those. I have less visibility into what is happening in the PHP code, mobile apps, client-side JavaScript.

My setup is detailed in Nextcloud Talk performance - how to troubleshoot or work around .

I think there is no real difference if you manage 50 or 50k files if you not ask for resource limitations. If you have only one or a few paralllel users i think there is no real difference in performance accessing the MariaDB-file-entries and from there the files in the file system. Also i think the PHP code, mobile apps and client-side JavaScript makes no real differences in managing content from 50 or 50k files. A little performance problem problem is perhaps the first generating of thumbnails. Also you maybe not copy thousands pictures in one directory because of client side rendering. But this can you check with only 1k pictures.

If you want to test it upload a lot of stuff to a 50 GB free account from https://operationtulip.com for client side (not server side) performance checking. Operationstulip actually only uses Nextcloud 17. For newer e.g. photo gallerys use perhaps https://try.nextcloud.com (60 minutes account).

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