Wiki category created. Let's try it out!

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there is already ‘How to’ category - isn’t it redundant?

It is not.

#how-to-faqs is only for @trust_level_2 and of course topics are expected to follow certain parameters.

  • topics on this category are not collaboratively edited or collaboratively maintained.

#wiki is anyone and everyone. You are simply expected to be helpful.

  • all topics are wiki by default.
  • edits are tracked and easy to recover at any point.
  • otherwise, only @trust_level_2 can make their posts into wikis using wrench icon.
    • most users never attain trust level 2 and fewer realize wiki functionality exists on this forum

And, we need more documentation and the easiest path forward is through collaboration. Like my what is compatible list. This info helps us all, and being a “howto” is secondary to just working collaboratively. If you want to move a post to #how-to-faqs all you must do is copy-paste. :grin: Interested?

@rakekniven interesting, the reversion process is visually opposite of what I would expect. You can check it out in the top right of the post (orange notepad icon)

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