Why upload instead of sync?

why does there exist an upload camera images function and not a sync?

if you upload the images, you’re out of sync, cause if you remove an image on the cloud, it’s not updated on the client.

uploading just causes brain pain; there should be a sync, so that everything is in sync at all times.

what’s the rationale for an “upload” function?

I would assume this is so that you can remove the photo from your mobile and it still remaining on NextCloud. Also depending where you upload photos to, it could fill your mobile if you copy photos to that folder on NextCloud itself or via the normal desktop client.

The rationale is, simply, the devs haven’t implemented it yet, and it’s quite a bit harder to get right. If you’'ve been following the dev builds recently, the first major hurdle has been completed and with it came a huge amount of issues with upload duplication, corruption and others. All fixed now as of latest release.

In short: It’s on the way.