Why there's an alias [i.e. {domain}/nextcloud]

I’m wondering why we have to keep typing the alias every time after my domain name [i.e. {domain}/nextcloud]. Is anyone out there who can explain this to me :slight_smile:

I’m running an Apache server.

probably because the document root of your apache config points to the parent directory of your nextcloud installation. Look for DocumentRoot in the apache config, it’s probably set to something like /var/www/html whereas nextcloud is installed in /var/www/html/nextcloud.

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As at @SysKeeper already said, it depends on how your web server is configured.

You can install Nextcloud either in a subdirectory on an existing webserver, for example https://www.example.com/cloud/, or in a virtual host if you want Nextcloud to be accessible from its own subdomain such as https://cloud.example.com/.


Nowadays mainly subdomains are used instead of subdirectories. The main domain itself and the www subdomain usually point to the main website of a domain, and then other subdomains like cloud.yourdomain.tld, otherservice.yourdomain.tld etc… can be used for Nextcloud and other services.

Of course you would also have to type the subdomains. That’s why one can set bookmarks in any modern browser :wink:

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Thank you :blush:

Thank you too :blush: