Why there is no default music app but there is a default video app?

I like some arguments for a default and pre installed audio app. If i use among others the public nextcloud https://nc.nl.tab.digital . I can see videos but not hear music. What a pity.

I opened an issue but it was closed. The argument is the fact that audio has a lot of more features like SONOS. But i do not want this features in an additional app. I want to play a simple .mp3-file like a .mp4-file in a standard nextcloud installation without additional apps. Perhaps the video player can improved to play also audio-formats.

Example standard nextcloud installation with mp3 and mp4:

What do you think about it?

In the https://github.com/prasathmani/tinyfilemanager you can play videos and audio. Why not in Nextcloud? There are video- and audio-tags in HTML5. Every browser can play video and audio.



Screenshot, Video, Audio: Big Bug Bunny (Creative Commons Licence)