Why there is an aws folder under 3rdParty directory?

Hi, I wanted to use NextCloud as I value privacy and as such I’m surprised to see AWS under /nextcloud/3rdparty/aws…

As I understand the whole NextCloud / Open Source is about autonomy as in not storing data in such services and would defeat the purpose if the data is sent to AWS.

I removed it and it breaks the site… what is that? Can I remove it?


I am sorry if this sounds harsch:

If you dont understand what you are doing, dont do it. Especially if you are messing with programm code on a Server.

A little explaination: Nextcloud is designed to potentially work with a lot of different interfaces. Since the AWS folder is not there in my installations, i assume you have enabled the External Storage Backend App. This app is compartible with aws, and you can configure one, but unless you do that, nextcloud itself will NEVER send data there.

What is also in place are code integrity checks for core and for apps itself. If you just whip out the scythe and deleting random stuff inside a complex library of interdependent programs stuff will break.

In case i didnt make it clear: No you cant remove it, and it will break your installation.
If you do so its a case of gross negligence, and i will not help you repairing it. You just won a reinstall, unless one of the Staff guys knows a simple fix, and shares it with you.

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It is not harsh and don’t worry, I wouldn’t ask for help with my experiments such as removing undesired stuff, it is part of the hacking culture trying to understand it, if I consciously messed up I just reinstall. Btw I also don’t remember installing/enableing anything AWS related I’m always careful to avoid to the point of creating this post. All I wanted to know is what is it doing there and if I can get rid of it.

“If you just whip out the scythe and deleting random stuff inside a complex library of interdependent programs stuff will break.” I simply don’t want AWS to be part of that interdependency as it defeats the purpose of using NextCloud.

I appreciate your replies and would kindly ask you, there is any good tutorial for server migration from shared to VPS? So far transferred the DB and uploaded the files but I’m getting white screen. I’m trobleshooting apache now. Thanks again.

You just replace the damn folder. Relax.

From my standpoint this is overshooting. My reasoning why this is there was just an educated guess, maybe we can ask @tflidd or @nickvergessen why exactly it is there. But i think, that if you look at the code in there, you may figure it out what it does. If its just sitting there inactivley, unless you enable something activeley, there is not problem at all.

I dont know for this particular case, but normally the followin you must do:

Transfer DB (Backup->Restore) and get the permissions right.
Transfer nextcloud folder (to the very same path!)
Transfer /data folder (same path, get permissions right, use rsync preserving timestamps)
Make sure your php and apache have the desired modules and configurations.

I hope i didnt miss something.

Well AWS is there, because they have written a library to connect to a S3 Object Storage. Nextcloud uses this, when you create an external storage of said type (may it be hosted by Amazon or yourself).

The code is not executed when you don’t have any external storages. SO no need to panic, there is no upload of any data to Amazon if you don’t configure it to do so.


Some external storage will be moved to external apps (e.g. dropbox, gdrive in NC13). As independent apps, it is easier to remove the code.

Thanks for your replies. It did not work as shared is kind of different than VPS in paths, at this point it was easier a fresh install than finding manually where to update changes. Best regards, T

thanks everyone.