Why the nextcloud client for android try to contact a compute.amazonaws.com URL


Why the nextcloud client for android try regulary to contact : ec2-52-65-185-217.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com ?
I use a firewall and i only authorize the URL of my server, but the client Android try to exchange data whith this URL, and i din’t find any information about this.

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It’s a Nginx web server running a default configuration (at least on the default vhost). Where is your Nextcloud Server hosted? Does it’s URL happen to resolve to the same IP address?

The only outbound connection I’m aware of is for tzurl.org which is used by ical4j to retrieve updated timezone definitions for calendar backups/imports.

I did a quick check and that domain isn’t in the code… possibly something else is making that outbound connection?

Not the domain - the IP address, however, that it maps to might be the same.

Let’s backup since I was just taking a shot in the dark. Are you hosting your Nextcloud instance at AWS? Or is your proxy running Nginx and possibly located on Amazon infrastructure?


Sorry for the delay in responding, I couldn’t take the time beforehand.

The server on compute.amazonaws.com is not mine. The nextcloud android application works correctly with my server (so no need to give you the address :wink: ).
On my phone I keep track of incoming/outgoing connections and I was surprised to see that the nextcloud android app sometimes tries to contact servers that were never requested. It sometimes attempts to access ec2-52-65-185-217.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com on port 80.

The page shown is just a page saying nginx is working fine, but the server can receive data, and I’m worried about what should be sent to it.
Has anyone else noticed this kind of weird connection?

For the tzurl.org servers, I don’t think they redirect their requests to *.compute.amazonaws.com, but if that’s the explanation it would be reassuring (even if I don’t think so).

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Today it is also trying to access *.1e100.net (I know that these are Google servers but… why is it trying to exchange data?)