Why so many cron logs & high cpu load

hello, since i updated to candidate channel (v13.0.2 snap) i get so much cron logs, and have high cpu load (Load average: 3.31) any reason for it?
hardware, pi3, ubuntu 16.04


This are only debug messages. Just deactivate debug logging by clicking the ... button and uncheck “debug” and “info”.

Regarding the high CPU load:
could you please check which process is actually causing the high load? Run “top” on the CMD and see the process with highest CPU value.

The problem is when its high cpu load it doesnt log me in,

Its just hanging there… have to power off and on again to fix this i think

If the CPU load is extremely high it can definitely take a while to log in. However if waiting for a few minutes doesn’t help, then yes, a reboot should be considered. When rebooting please login asap and collect information about the process consuming that much CPU resources and post your findings here.