Why should I upgrade and if so to what version?

We have right now NC19 as an intranet solution for our organisation. We are currently on NC19.0.8 which need to be upgraded. On a testserver I have tested the sequential upgrading and it seems I can reach NC22 with some adjustments here and there whthout loosing any data of functions we use.

When upgrading I get notices that some of the apps are not compatible (Groupfolders, Mail, Pico among others). I thought it was because of the php version and tried to upgrade from 7.3 but gave up as it seemed to give lots of troubles. And why should I do that? php7.3 does work. And the nonsupported apps also work

NC22 is still in beta but it seems it works OK for our use case.

When looking on the milestones I am surprised about the number of open issues and bugs that are reported for the NC19, NC20 and NC21 which are far larger than for NC22. Are the issues reported in the lower versions also present and taken care of in the higher versions? Added: When looking on the closed issues for the different versions it seems to be the case.

Which version would you advice me to upgrade next time (after 3rd August)? That is - can I expect a better function if I upgrade to a higher version of NC or should I stay on my current and just update the number.

I do not need more functionality, but an increased speed would be welcome. I understand that I need to upgrade if the version is not supported, like my current NC19.0.8. But should I just upgrade to NC19.0.13? Or NC20? Or even higher? What will I gain by changing version?

If they haven’t been fixed, they are probably still open unless they were fixed “by accident”. If things are redone or improved, there is a chance that they fixed something without noticing that there was a problem before and a related bug report.

I wouldn’t skip too many versions at once and I wouldn’t take the newest release if you need a stable version with all you apps available. Some apps are supported only by the community and at the release date of a new version, they might not yet be available. However, I’d stay within the supported versions.

E.g. currently: Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

I’d go for NC 21. If I was on NC 20, I’d try to upgrade soon to NC 21 before 20 runs out of support. I’d give NC 22 a bit of time before uprading to it (usually at least 1-2 minor releases). I have a test setup with similar apps to check out new versions before.

It is out of support since 3rd June.
Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

Yes. Windows 95 is also out of support but i think it still works :wink:

I think it is not possible to skip.

Acutally on NC19 i think it is a good idea to upgrade to NC20 and NC21.

If you do not like updates:

a.) use another software e.g. TinyFileManager
b.) use a Managed Nextcloud

Of course I need to upgrade as NC19 will no longer be supportedto. But should I just upgrade to NC20 or will I gain anything by upgrading to NC21 or even NC22?
It seems that all my current apps and functions works at least in NC21 and even in NC22 so why not upgrade all the way (of course sequentially)? Will NC21 give me any advantage over NC20 except the new functions, which I dont need? For one thing It may be worth it to do the upgrade from NC19 to NC21 (via NC20) as it will save the users one future upgrade, which some look upon as irritating. But are there any other advantages, like speed?

NC22 is longer supported than NC21 or NC20. :wink:
NC21 is longer supported than NC20 :wink: -:wink:
But you can wait till end of support of NC20. :wink: :wink: :wink:

But the number of updates is the same (two or three upgrades in a year).
I think it is to much, too.

Plan your upgrades:
Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

Not really. If I now upgrade to NC22 the eventual upgrades during the coming years will not give changes in the user interface. And when NC22 will not be supported I can upgrade to NC24 (of course sequentially). The users will adopt and can be at ease for a longer period.

But still no answer about speed?

Yes. That is ok for the user side.
But there only a few differences in the core functions.

For the admin is no really difference.
You must install NC19 → NC20 → NC21 → NC22 → NC23 → NC24

Looking at the

The choice is obvious - NC20 is not an alternative as it will reach EOL already 2021-10. And NC21 will reach EOL 22-02! I agree - it is too much.
I will stay on NC19 for some weeks and then try out NC22.1 on the test server. If no issues I will go for that one and “skip” NC20 and 21 (yes I know - sequentially).

But what about speed?

If you are happy with what you have and are “sandboxed”, i.e. the NC is behind firewall, offline - you don’t need to. Do regular backups and enjoy what you have!
If your server is online - stay current. Skip the first major release (NN.0.0), but otherwise stay on “with the program”. Even if only for security reasons: Linux gets regularly updated, NC packages as well, hence NC itself needs to move along…

At some point NC will slow down from their 3 major releases a year; it’ll get easier…

There was a speed improvement in Nextcloud 21. On my nextcloud systems (only a few users) i do not note any speed improvement.


If you not upgrade you also can not upgrade your linux version. If in a few years your server get broken you also must install the old linux and nextcloud version from archive. Please upgrade to supported versions.

Yes. That is ok.

Why will it get broken? Also, do regular backups…

I use a dozen or so “sandboxed” setups with NC and privacyIDEA inside.
Starting with early Linux 16.04…

There is a non-zero chance that desktops connecting to NC “infect” the server.
Hasn’t happened to me yet…

Ok old nextcloud versions will work in years …

But perhaps not with newer browser versions.
And perhaps not with new versions from Android and iOS Nextcloud apps. :wink:

I do realize it’s not a sustainable long-term solution.
But my use case (in this particular setup) is far from average.
Sensitive data, perimeter lockup (Cisco ASA, Sophos), MFA (Yubikeys), IP filtering, etc.

ownCloud would suffice most of the time but I haven’t used it for a while…

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True, what I wanted to say, I wouldn’t upgrade from NC1x to the most recent very quickly and rather stay with now NC 20 or NC 21 and make sure that everything and all apps are working.

No, that’s up to you. E.g. if you want to upgrade php, you perhaps don’t want to do right now and at some points you had to be careful which php version is supported by which NC. I think these are less critical, but in the past, when you rushed through a few versions quickly that was one point to consider.

If you are a community user, I’d spend the 1-2 times a year to keep your Nextcloud on a current version. Even if not connected to the internet, if you run in any problems, if it’s something related to the code it’s hard to find help. If you have the business use and need a more long term support, I’d check with the enterprise support, then you have the guarantee that they give you a hand if you run into problems at any point.

Normally, if you run Nextcloud on your own machine, running the upgrades shouldn’t be such an issue… in hosted environment they can be painful.

You’ll need to upgrade by version. Backup, then move to latest 20.x and repeat until you end up at a more recent release. Good luck!

PHP 7.3 or 7.4 are fine for moving to 22 according to these docs. You can also add the 21 speed tweak via nginx as described in that release’s documentation.

It shouldn’t but it is…
For example, upgrade to v.22 killed the Add group button.
That is the kind of crap I don’t want to deal with on my offline systems…

@just Really? I think not. At least the documentation is wrong. There is nothing about PHP 8. Perhaps someone can update the documentation.

I think with Nextcloud 22 i can use almost PHP 7.4 and PHP 8. What about PHP 7.3?

Also this info does no help because of “Recommended” and not “requirement”.

v.22 runs just fine on PHP 7.3…
Did you mean NC v.23? Even that I doubt…

You should check if the file search performance problem would hit you. There’s no specific local file search any more (NC20 and later), but the unified search which may bring down your database server, depending on your data situation. Newer versions are said to improve the performance, but don’t fix the basic problem.