Why our team decided not to use deck app (yet)

Hi folk,

First I just want to say that I like the app.

I had recommended using it within our volunteer team to help organise events however after discussing with the rest of the team it was decided not to use this and instead go for a shared spreadsheet.

I thought I would document the reasons here for reference:

  • Sharing - the team did not want to have to go to the bother of getting everyone else on the team a nextcloud account on my server. They would have preferred to have a single public link (possibly password protected). (This could have been worked around by creating a common and restricted nextcloud account for the committee). [Existing github issue]

  • Export/Printing - there was a request to be able to quickly print the current board with all the details so it could be discussed around a table rather than everyone looking at a screen in a meeting.

Please don’t take this as a complaint or criticism, just potential ideas. I am happily using it for my own projects.


The 1890’s called :stuck_out_tongue: (but that’s not a bad idea at all in fairness).

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As I said, I was happy with it but not all members of the team agreed.

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I’m facing the same request after testing it in one of my client.

It would be great to implement that.

My client wanted something clear and simple and all-in-one for files-calendar-sharing-tasks
They’re testing shared spreadsheet with collabora before saying YES to Nextcloud

First of all it’s a great step to share reasons why one didn’t decide to use an app/nextcloud after testing. It is always helpful to know what hurdles people face. Most feedback I see is “just” about what people, who already use it, would like/don’t like.

For me it is always a hurdle to register somewhere in order to use services. I just don’t like to give my data, remember a new password etc. How often I was going to use some new online service, piece of software or whatever and suddenly some register request made me stop "urgh, no, not for that…"
So to make it easier for people to get in touch with nextcloud and it’s great apps, public access is always great.

On the other hand, there is not even an email necessary to register to nextcloud and if it’s some college/friend who host it, you should not worry about spam or other misuse of your data.
And the great strength of nextcloud is the integration of all it’s features (including the apps) into one platform which allows synergy, cross feature access, internal sharing etc. For teams there is a great benefit to allow one to share it’s meeting date/invitations with others, combine those with e.g. deck, share documents, contact information for external companies/services that booked for the same event, catering, sound engineer or whatever. All over the same platform, well integrated.

So what I basically want to say:

  • For single simple “isolated” features there are other solutions that are easy/effortless to use and working great, including things like doodle, piratepad/chaospad (or international equivalents) etc. etc.
  • With nextcloud you are able to enhance your whole collaboration experience, of course for the price of some habituation work, perhaps server setup/expansion. So if this is worth it is maybe a more beneficial question than thinking about using a single feature, indeed would be after all a bigger effort ;).
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@thatscoteng Thanks for your feedback. Yes, Deck still has a limited feature set, but development goes on. Be sure to check out our new version. :wink:

Yes, public sharing is on our todo list, but I cannot make any estimation when we will find time to implement it.

Feel free to open an issue for that on GitHub. This is the main platform for feature requests and discussing ideas.

Already upgraded :slight_smile:

Done: Github issue

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This post is almost 4 years old. Why i still can’t share my board to the public?

Obviously because noone has implemented this feature yet.
As always, when one decides to use free and open source software and the existing solution doesn’t match or satisfy the needs, you have the option

  • to contribute code with a Pull Request
  • to pay someone to create a PR for you if you aren’t a programmer
  • to wait until someone else picks up this issue and solves it
  • to clarify open questions to make it easier to solve this issue (not needed for this case)
  • to :+1: at the corresponding issue to express your needs

Please avoid “me too” demands without any new information as they will make topics hard to read and understand and therefore make it even harder to follow the flow of an issue and solve it.

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