Why no update notification to 17?

I see in the release schedule that version 17 is available, but I don’t get an “update available” message.

Nextcloud 16.0.6

Your version is up to date.

Update channel:


Update notification app (version 1.6) is enabled.
I am member of the admin group.

Expected behavior: I get an “update available” notification for version 17
Actual behavior: None

This is especially annoying because nextcloud 16 doesn’t sync large files (known bug).

How can I update (without going to beta instead of stable)?

i waited a couple of weeks after 17 came out and never got a notification. i ended up switching to beta to upgrade to 17 then set it back to stable. encountered no issues with it. have seen others do the same.
i know the updates are rolled out incrementally but the wait was too long for me.

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They usually wait for a first point release, for this one there was another bug found just after release of 17.0.1, so I guess they didn’t want to push it for this reason yet: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/17846

The incremental roll-out should be done within a week or so.

The stable release is for people whose current setup is already working and don’t want to risk to run into new issues. If you need or want a new version for new features, that is different and you might want to use the described way via beta channel to get the version earlier.

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