Why Nextcloud 20 doesn't encrypt files?

Installed nextcloud from snap and from the scratch, both ways doesn’t provide encryption! What’s wrong guys?

Encryption doesn’t work on 20 version??? Tell me please

The Nextcloud administrator guide contains mass of information concernung this topic :wink:

You will still have to install and configure encryption based on your needs. See listing of each option in the appstore, plus consult the documentation in previous post.


Guys thanks for the answers. I installed all the apps it requires but the encryption still isn’t working :slight_smile:

What else should I do?

You have to read the documentation and configure it.

I read it all :confused:

e2e is setup on client devices. Also server encryption is related to external storage you’ll have to add. Good luck with it.

Looks easy, I did all what related to server-side encryption, but I still can see all the files I uploaded right now on my Nextcloud. WTF