Why lots of menu disappear

A few hours ago, I can see lots of menus in the left when login as admin:

But now when I login as admin again, only a few menus in the left:

The same server and same URL, I have no idea, please advise.

Thank you.

Sorry no idea. Maybe a problem with Javascript. Delete the cache or use another browser.

Also you can go to Nextcloud Apps on the internet and you find the same (old) structure and apps. If you find a nice app you can use in your apps-menu on the upper right the search option and seach the app-name without the menu on the left side. Perhaps a transitional solution.

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HI Devnull,
Thanks for you replied, just clear browser and refresh, works now.

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I found the root cause, the caused by network issues, I found many of logs about connect app store timeout, just fixed network connection issues the menu back again.