Why it takes so long to sync changes in desktop client for shares with circles? (up to 15 minutes)

I’ve come back to this topic after our upgrade to N27 and issue still fails.

User A and B are in the same circle (circleAB).

User A creates a folder (shared_with_circleAB) and shares it with circleAB.
User A creates a folder (shared_with_userB) and shares it with UserB directly.

User A uploads a file in both folders.

In userB desktop client:

  • shared_with_userB receives changes almost immediately. As long as you clic on Sync Now, you’ll have the file. Or just wait a bit
  • shared_with_circleAB takes up to 14 minutes to receive the changes. No matter if you clic on sync now. It just ignores you.

On web interface you see changes immediately.

Cronjob every 5 minutes. N27 updated. Client 3.9.3.

Is this a normal behaviour? Should I rise a bug ticket?