Why is v17.0.3 still the latest version?

On the NC download page, v18.0.1 is latest. In my NC instance (v17.0.3) the settings and occ:upgrade give me 17.0.3 as latest. When will I be able to upgrade to 18.0.1 as stable version?

There is clear schedule of Releases communicated. NC 17.0.4 and 18.0.2 are planned on 12.03.2020.


Probably you are using “production” or “stable” update channel, that’s why.


Is 18.0.1 now stable and usable? 18.0.0 was a big mess.

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always the same questions with always the same answers… nextcloud is rolling new versions out in waves… so usually you don’t need to worry.

but if you feel the urge of updating NOW you could switch to beta-channel and hopefully 18.0.2. would be offered as an update to you.

don’t forgt to switch back after you installed your desired version.

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As an upgrade from one major release to the next (usually) requires DB-upgrades, it is best to do that step manually, which means saving the old directory, copying the new package in place, copying the old config into the new directory and go for it with maintenance mode first.

Just an observation. I am on the stable release. I was on 17.03 was listed as the currently available version. When I ran the update process (via web browser) I actually ended up being offered I could have backed out at that point, but decided to go ahead. All good so far. I mainly use this for Desktop Sync. On macOS 10.14.6 with the Sync client Version 2.6.3 stable (build 20200217) I am finding sync more reliable than I did on

This varies, and is often offered about one month later. Nextcloud waits for the first pribkems to be fixed, and is offeribg updates peu a peu to reduce serverloads. Mine was offered 2 days ago.


Christian Anzinger

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Alright, I didn’t know the “wave”-thing. I was just wondering why a newer version is defined as latest while another version is latest too.

Thank you!

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There is an issue about this, still open:

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@alve89 I guess you are on the Stable update channel. NC 18.0.1 is only available in the Beta channel. This probably means that they do not yet consider it to be stable.

It is usable depending on your needs. I can not add new users as the user interface for controlling new users permissions and quota is buggy and not usable for the moment. https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/19533

I wait for 18.0.2 in 2 weeks. Hopefully by then it will work.

They do, just not for upgrades. Upgrades go out on the second minor version. (I read this, I do not remember where)

not true.

neither true. from their POV even .0-versions are stable and they strongly encourage users to upgrade asap.

i’m afraid that’s not correct neither. there were some big discussions already about that on the forum… and devs and nc always claimed that .0-versions are “stable” with the initial release. and apparently for a big majority it seems to be working flawlessly (we’re talking of some 100tousand installations).

even “production”-channel was removed in the latest nc-versions. since it was just keeping users from updating early. all production did was waiting until 0.2-versions got released, though.

so you better get away from the selfmade pressure of updating at all cost… and decide on your own will when it’s time doing an upgrade.

and one last hint: whatever you do - pls make sure to have taken a backup before.

and now i think we could close this subject since everything was discussed over and over again, already several times here on the forum


Closing this. We have so many threads regardings available updates.