Why is there no mqtt-like sync for tasks?

I am using Tasks as a shopping lists, with the current sync intervals of minimum 15 Minutes, I have no trust, that the Shopping list in my widget on android is in the same state as the Shopping list in the widget on my girlfriends Phone. In fact, most of the Time it is not. Exchanging the state of the Tasks Lists over a Messenger is a bit annoying and a social fix for a technological problem.

I would like to dive into this problem a bit more some time in the near future and get Tasks synced over MQTT or something similar, publishing everything opensource of course if I manage to get it done. Any Hints and Ideas as to what I should look at? I heard, that Talk uses some MQTT in the background, might be reference…

I’m wondering how often you update you shopping list and how fast your gerlfriend is shopping :wink:
but there is " high performance backend for files" which makes synchronization almost instant… see Setting up Files (High Performance Backend) as well

I just installed the high performance backend, looks nice but sounds like there is other work on this being done on github :slight_smile: DAV Push Sync by tcitworld · Pull Request #40464 · nextcloud/server · GitHub awesome Nextcloud devs are awesome :slight_smile: I’ll use this PR as an excuse to read into the code myself :slight_smile:

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