Why is there no Cooperation with Photoprism?

It seems to me that most Nextcloud users try to escape the big Cooperations.

The thing they probably want to Lose the Least on the other Hand are Probably there Family Albums and Media Library’s on iCloud or OneDrive.

Nextcloud Photos comes far too short to replace them.

PhotoPrism in Contrast seems to serve all functions.

On the Github Diskussion they show a formal intention to be available as Nextcloud App.

Wouldn’t there be a Possibility for Nextcloud GmbH to support and integrate such great Free and Opensource Project?

Is there a deliberate intention or decision against?

Neither. The point is to do whatever you want. Only limit is your own technical expertise.

You can start coding or use what there is. You are free to make your own choices. If you want to re-write Photoprism into PHP you can. Plus, both projects already support each other. So, you win no matter what.

Interesting! No one at the company is aware of the conversation is my guess.