Why is the Nextcloud data/sync folder created with the System flag?

As a user of the Everything filesystem index program, I (and several others) were mystified as to why it wouldn’t index our Nextcloud folders. It turns out that Nextcloud creates the data directory on Windows systems with the System flag set on the directory. I’ve removed the flag (using the attrib /D -S Nextcloud command) and Nextcloud still appears to function correctly. However, this still leaves the question of why Nextcloud is behaving this way to begin with. Can anyone clarify this behavior?

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I’ve the same issue; nextcloud prevents the search-tool from indexing all the nextcloud-files.

What about having an option in nextcloud-client?

btw, indexing the dropbox-folder works fine; that means, that it can somehow work without the system-flag?!

I’d like to ask someone to clarify this as well.

It prevents users to use TotalCommander with newer NC client…


Just to update everyone, I’ve been using Nextcloud with the system flag unset ever since I’ve posted this, and haven’t experienced negative side effects yet. Still unclear why it’s being set in the first place. I may escalate this to an issue on the github repository for more visibility.

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Maybe you could… we had to just explain the issue to the customer.

I didnt notice myself… because I use Total Commander with “show system files” enabled…

FYI @hicks there’s an issue created in December with no attention from Nextcloud as of yet. Recommend following that for any official communication.

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Thanks, responded!