Why is deck not using a real status field

From what I understood, everybody creates lists again and again to reflect the status of the cards and/or creates respective tags (e.g. “open”, “in progress”, “done”).

I wonder why it was designed like that and whether it could be considered to be changed to a “real” status (even workflow management).

As seen in other tools a set of orchestrated statuses can improve the workflow a lot and also makes things easier to handle.

At best, it would even be customizable per board. So that for example, one board could use a more sophisticated workflow (set of statuses) such as “backlog”, “in preparation”, “in progress”, “done”, “published”.

Again, for now I just try to understand the background to the design decision so far. After that, I would consider to support this by actively creating feature request tickets and potentially even helping to implement/improve it.

Thanks and warm regards,