Why does renaming a folder with a Cyrillic name make the documents in that folder stop opening in Onlyoffice

I have found this problem in next (nextcloud). After renaming a Folder with Cyrillic name (it does not matter what browser to use, I’ve tested it with all browsers) the files inside it stop opening in OnlyOffice. Even if you return the previous name of the folder - it does not work. I have to download the folder locally, delete it in nextcloud, upload it again and then all the documents can be read again. When renaming folders with Latin character or numbers - there is no such a problem.

please help

maybe it all depends upon the locale on your server(s). I mean it’s just a guess as you haven’t given out any info about the problematic system(s).

The community usually needs more info in order to being able to have a fair chance to help in case of problems. Hence there is a template coming up if you’ll open a thread here. - You deleted it.

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