Why does nextcloud-aio docker run command use --sig-proxy=false?

I am following the instructions to set up nextcloud aio with a reverse proxy via docker. When I get to the section about running nextcloud aio via docker, I copy and paste the command1 into my terminal.

I’d like to understand the reason why the command specifies --sig-proxy=false. It seems to me that it would be more benefit in ensuring the default command provided to users to start nextcloud aio keeps existing semantics with how most programs are invoked - namely, pressing ctrl+c interrupts the process and kills it.

I was recently trying to set up my own instance of nextcloud via docker and had a very difficult time stopping the docker containers running nextcloud because docker didn’t proxy the interrupt signal to the nextcloud containers.

Why do the docs specify using --sig-proxy=false? I don’t understand the motivation behind this choice and I’d like to understand more.

If this isn’t the right forum to discuss these types of issues, please point me to the right place. I’m happy to move this discussion to whichever forum is appropriate.