Why dl the images to device?

In my hunt to unGoogle my Life and find the perfect cloud solution I´m right now in the evaluation of Nextcloud…

BUT, I´m not happy that the app must downloads the images to the device unlike the rest of the cloud services available.
Is there a way to prevent the app from doing this?

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Not at this very moment in the stable release but the beta release available on f-droid.org has a preview mode which will exactly do what you are looking for :slight_smile:

have testet the android app :slight_smile:
extern memory card does not work, but is okay, in beta :slight_smile:

Have seen the app is creating thumbpictures in my user account.
i use many pictures.
if i share any folder with other users in my nextcloud, and they look also pictures with the android app, does the app load the thumbpictures from my account, or re-create the thumb images for each user?

THANKS :slight_smile:

Hi @lukass2000,

that is probably a question for @oparoz. The Andorid client is requesting the previews from the server and I would bet the server is caching these so they won’t be generated for each request to one file.

Hi Andy,
have used now any days the beta from the android app.
Will the photo preview function find the way also in the “stable” version?

By the pictrure preview function is not so good that you always have to wait until all thumb pictures are created :frowning:
If you want to see the pictures before in big It remains with the last thumbpicture.
That interferes extremely.
Will this be improved, so that the preview is also created thumbpictures in the large view?

Hi @lukass2000,

That can be answered best by @tobiasKaminsky :slight_smile:

Do you use nc 11? As there is a new iPreview system integrated that should save small and big previews as they are created once. Along with this you could use the Preview Generator app from app store to auto create previews as files are uploaded. It also contains some command to generate previews for all existing files.

At least for my gallery app with newest pull requests integrated and web ui files browser this works really smooth now, so small and big previews seem to be stored and used :).

Yes, i use nextCloud 11.
Have found an app “Preview Generator 1.0.1”.
Is this right?
Must i only activate the app?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes that’s the right one. You so far have to apply a cron job for it to run and a separate occ command to initially crate previews for all files, which quite takes some time “preview:generate-all”. See the discussion here: https://help.nextcloud.com/t/clarity-on-the-crontab-settings-for-the-preview-generator-app/6144?u=michaing

  • I would also like that there was such a function - a preview mode in android app

https://github.com/nextcloud/android/pull/69 I am working on it :slight_smile:
It is already working in nightly, but it needs some more fine tuning before we can put it in the official version.

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