Why did NextCloud create an Amazon S3 bucket in Ireland?

Hey guys,

We have NextCloud installed to an EC2 instance in Amazon running in the North East region, when we configured NextCloud to access S3, it created a bucket using Ireland as the Region, why would it do that?


could it be that amazon creates its buckets in ireland, as default?

No idea, but I fixed it by deleting the bucket, adding the Region in NextCloud and let it re-create it.

@JFHA where do i add the region in nextcloud config or settings?

most prolly in your admin-account under setup and privacy

I set privacy - data location setting to somewhere else but it still created the bucket in Ireland.


there is a region => ... variable.

should i just add 'region' => 'us-east-1', to config.php? is see a whole class in config.sample


can’t tell you.
if you have a test server jut´st try.

I didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

It also would be fine if it would let me connect to an existing bucket, but it gives the error log “already exists”

do you try to set s3 as main storage?
for my understanding nextcloud needs an empty bucket here.

What if I want the main storage to be local
Only one directory to be external storage

you have to enable the “external storage” app in the nextcloud app store.


and than configure the access to your bucket. ok?

I am able to create external storage with s3 no problem. I just don’t understand why there is no option for setting the region.

wait never mind it’s right there region box :grinning:

im an idiot

gantz dank

no. it’s confusing. :wink:

i never tested if the app would create the bucket. so i can’t tell if the region is needed to create one. with aws and existing buckets the region shouldn’t be necessary. you can set the region in the aws web gui/cli.

but i remember that you need to specify the region with some s3 compatible systems.

Yes i agree it would be easier to create the bucket and policy on AWS and then connect it to nextcloud. I’m pretty sure when you let NC create the bucket it is insecure with public access and no security policy.

I find with NC sometimes you have to guess or view code to actually understand what the GUI is trying to do.