Why collectives are shown as external storage?

I began using the collectives app on my Nextcloud instance a few weeks ago.

Today I realized the files on the collectives (under “collectives”) were not syncing and I noted each collective was marked as external storage.


Is there a reason for this? Should I not edit the files as normal files or do the files under collectives work as any other .md file?

I searched on Google and in this forum and I could not find any information regarding this issue.

Thank you in advance for any information :slight_smile:


Dear @daco, the files of your collective live in a hidden folder on Nextcloud that is mounted into the home directory of each member of the collective. That’s similar to how groupfolders work. And that’s also the reason why collectives folders are handled as external storage by the sync client.

I see your point that’s a bit unexpected to have them excluded from sync per default.

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Hi @mejo ,

Thank you very much for your response. That explains why the collectives are shown as external storage.

And regarding the question of whether it is ok to edit the .md files as normal files? For example on the desktop synced with the desktop app or from a markdown editor on a phone?

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They work as any other .md file, you can safely edit them with whatever program you wish, so long as they get synced back. :+1:

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Hi @mactrent ,

Thank you for your response!

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