Why cannot use 'contact groups' on email or calendar?

Hello everybody,
i created an additional address book which various groups to get an better overview about the members.
Now i detected that it is not possible to use the contact groups on this address book on email and not on calender (same behavour is for circles - on Talk both work(?) …)

The question is why is it not possible to use contact groups (or circles) for that :thinking:?

I did not see a way to address or invite a group of people at once. Some of the groups have twenty (or more) people and it is a pain to add them one by one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Using a email forwarding results in a redundant work (and is not possible on my email provider - he allows only ten email addresses for one forwording …

I think groupware should allow address groups (and carddav do so - as i remeber).

Many thanks for any helping hand :wink:

Did you try to create groups with users in the main addressbook only?
In my Nextcloud 21.0.7 it works with email.

No. I have ‘privat’ addresses on the personal addressbook which i will not share.
So i create an additional address book for company contacts. This address book i share to all company members.
On this company address book i create groups (work space groups).
The company members are created at the company address book and could be members of one (or more) groups depending on there work space.
I use the Nextcloud 22.2.3 Enterprise, which is provided by IONOS (a german internet provider).
But i have the same problem on my privat installed community version Nextcloud 22.2.3 on the generic delivered personal address book.

With new email version (1.11.5) contact groups are shown when searching for recipient :smiley:.
Hope calendar will also be changed …
Many thanks