Why both Nginx and Apache?

I do not understand why you use Apache + Nginx in your documentation
Why not just Nginx ? Nginx can work with SSL without Apache nor proxy or whatever, I know this …it is what I use for my websites so I do not understand :exploding_head:
Is it not overly complicated?

It’s either Apache or nginx, not both.

You could just as well say: “Apache can work with SSL without Nginx nor proxy or whatever…” :wink:

Well I find the configuration of Apache easier. But that’s mainly because I know Apache better.

Maybe I read too quickly then, I believed we were forced to used a container with Apache as a proxy. So I will try to use only Nginx then (tomorrow surely, I am on another topic right now).

I did not tell that Apache was more complicated than Nginx, just that Apache proxy + Nginx seems too complicated for the basic use case as we can have Nginx + SSL without a proxy (in a non Docker configuration at least, I am still pretty new to Docker) :slight_smile:

Sorry, my bad. Didn’t realise that this is about docker. Should have looked better and/or clicked your link befor answering… :wink:

Maybe in case of Docker it might make sense to split things to different containers. Then everything can be configured and updated independently. But I am not a Docker expert. I run a manual installation with Apache in a VM.