Why am I unable to upload DMG files to nextcloud?

I am able to upload an ISO file on nextcloud, but not a DMG file. Why does nextcloud block me from uploading DMG files?

Are you getting an error message or anything in the logs (client or server)? How are you uploading, with the desktop client, web browser, etc?

When we attempt to upload the file via the web (either drag and drop or using the upload button) we get a “not found error” and a sub 1K file in the user file root called “notfounderror”

We haven’t attempted to sync the file via the desktop client yet, as this is an external user trying to upload the .dmg to a file drop that was created for them.

I’m able to upload .dmg files to a file drop myself, so it shouldn’t be the file type. I wonder what the file name is exactly. Maybe there’s a special character (or hidden special character) causing an issue with the upload path.

A workaround might be for them to zip the file and try uploading that instead.

Thanks! That actually makes sense!