Why am I forced to restart Windws?

This is a long time annoying bug with Windows client. Every few days, I’m prompted for a nextcloud client upgrade and if I proceed, it asks for closing all Windows and Explorer application etc. In the end, it prompts me to restart Windows. You can choose to not to but my question is - why? I use various cloud storage clients - why only nextcloud requires me to restart explorer.exe and restart Windows?
This is too annoying and is lingering for a long time. Should be fixed immediately.

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Please use the search - this issue have been discussed already


There is also a lot on the bug tracker:

For the bug tracker: If you want to show your support that you are also affected, there is a small thumbs up icon on the bottom of the post. Just post if you really have information to add. If you know more how to build such software and manage updates, help is always welcome.

The client uses the virtual folders and that needs deeper integration, so it is just not any independent program.

Any of them open source so you can check what they do differently?