Why after i shutdown pc (nextcloud server) all data will loss

i using ubuntu desktop 16.04.3. after done all configuration to install nextcloud server it can be use. but after i shutdown the pc and try to open back, all data will loss… how to fix this

Sorry for bad english… Can anyone help me with this?

Sorry to hear you’re facing problems :slightly_frowning_face:

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It is difficult to understand your problem. What native language do you speak? Maybe you can use Google Translator.

Do I get this right,

  • you shutdown down the Nextcloud server (the whole machine)
  • you start the Nextcloud server again
  • you can still successfully login to your account on the server
  • but all your data you previously uploaded are missing


Could provide further information about you server? Nextcloud version, web server (apache/ nginx/ …), web server logs, nextcloud logs (with log level debug (0)). Yes, what Jason just posted above, please fill in all the information there.