Why 5 MB data download during login?

Hi! I see there are several threads about slow logins. I’ve also been struggling with this issue, but it seems to be a different reason. Everytime I enter my Nextcloud 10 installation on a Centos 7 VPS via the web interface on my laptop, 5 MB of data are downloaded before the Login-screen shows up. What is going on here? Are there ways to change this behavior? It is quite a waste of bandwith, especially when you are on mobile internet. Otherwise I am very happy about the product, get more fascinated the more I use it

Thats a good question, I don’t have the 5 MB issue. You can find out where that comes if you press F12 in chrome -> network -> record. Then run the login and sort the list by size. Don’t forget to set disable cache in that window.

Thanks! I found out how to display this in Safari as well. It’s mostly Javascript files and they are related to the xmpp chat app I recently have installed.

jsxc.dep.js is 1,5 MB heavy, then there is another js file from the chat app at 500kb, and some stylesheets. These files are loaded while the login page is downloaded

After login, there is a 550 kb heavy ace.js as well


without the chat app it’s 2 MB download, most of them javascript files

In my case, text data (html, jss, css) is transferred compressed, so it’s roughly 1/4 of the original size. After the login page, most script were already loaded and can be used from the browser cache so the real downloaded content is much less than the 2 MB.

You would prefer a smaller login page and load the remaining content after login?

Yes, I would prefer a smaller login page, especially if you are on a slow connection.

How can I enable compression?

Most of the assets (css/javascript/images) should be cached by your browser.

For compression you have to look into your webservers manual.

Thanks, I’ve found out how to enable compression on Apache