Whoever thought deleting data without warning was a good idea, please rethink your life choices

After having difficulties updating nextcloud with the help of NextCloudPi, I decided to restore from a snapshot I took that day, low and behold my ncdata folder is empty

Thank you

a snapshot

What kind of snapshot? File system level? Any 3rd party backup tool you set up? (which you should of course, especially before performing upgrades)

Just asking, because according to the documentation

The built-in updater does not backup your database or data directory.

I just used the backup tool built in NextCloudPI’s web panel, then tried to update, didnt work, tried to restore (nc-restore-snapshot) but it decided to delete all my data without even warning or asking

I’m very sorry that you are affected by this. This is a long standing bug with the restore script that was recently brought to my attention again.
I implemented a fix already, but it’s not yet tested and released.