Who would like to be a moderator?


We’d like to hear if some of you are willing to help moderate :wink:

I guess it makes most sense for users who’ve been quite active already so we’ll add people after a few dozen posts.

Just reply here and we’ll talk :smiley:

I can be a part time mod.

Sure. My workload alternates between heavier and lighter, so I couldn’t always be here, but I’d love to help out, so count me in!

hey @Exrace thanks for the offer and I’ve upped your status a bit for now, that helps with voting. Once you’ve logged some more comments, ping me and I’ll add you OK?

I have been away on holiday this past week so been quiet for me.

Sure! I’ve got a bit of time on my hands to help out.

I’ll close this as we have quite a team of moderators now. Ofcourse, if you want to help, ping one of us - that would still be very welcome, just no longer urgent :wink: