Who has access to your data?

I am new to Nextcloud and have installed on Windows 10, when I log in via the web to


I see “Who has access to your data?” with a user mrgud …who the hell is that?
I have not shared or done anything with anyone yet as I am still trying to find my way around.

Hi @ControlFreakyKiwi

I don’t know either. But because your account is hosted by cloudamo, I would ask them…

I would also recommend you to register with a provider that offers you a dedicated instance with it’s own admin account. The provider would still have access to your data, as of course every other cloud provider has access to the data of their customers. But there have been cases in the past, where due to some misconfigurations, users could see other users or even had access to certain data belonging to other users on shared instances like that. I’m not saying that’s the case here, but I wouldn’t recommend using free or very cheap plans, where you don’t get your own dedictated instance, for sensitive data.

Hi bb77,
thanks very much for your help and information, my data at this point is not sensitive or have any value as am just trying to learn how to use this technology. Could you recommend a provider ? thanks again

Sorry not really… I use my own selfhosted instance of Nextcloud. But generally you should lookout for subscriptions that offer you your own dedicated instance, where you get your own admin account. This also has the advantage that you can manage multiple accounts for other users, install and uninstall apps, etc… About cloudamo: I have heard nothing particularly bad about them and it looks like that you get a dedicated instance already with their the cheapest plan for 4$/month. Shopping Cart - Cloudamo

But as I said I have no personal experience with hosted Nextcloud providers, and there has always to be a certain level of trust when you give your data to a provider. Maybe you can search in the forums for recommendations. There are already some threads about Nextcloud providers…

Massive, thank you very much for taking the time to reply and help me. I will look into other options and also put the question to Cloudamo about the user that has access to my data.

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