Whitelisting all request hostnames in trusted_domains

Howdy all. I’m looking for some advice. We run a Nextcloud installation in our AWS account and we have a very nice auto-scaling configuration behind our ELB’s. The issue that I have is that it’s kind of a pain in the butt to script the deployment of the Nextcloud installation due to what appears to be instance specific configuration requirements. Notably we tend to have to lookup the instance’s local IP, and then do some regext match replace for variables in the config.php. We have to do this because the ELB doesn’t set a hostname in healthchecks for the requests it makes. It just checks against the IP and port combination.

We’ve tried simply removing the trusted_domains statement from the config but that appears to be a no-no. Is there a value that I can populate into trusted_domains that will tell the Nextcloud installation to just gratuitously accept any request that reaches it? We are already protecting the endpoint in several ways in front of it so no request is reaching it that isn’t expected to get there.


edit Fixed!

Just as a follow up, I fixed it. Isn’t that always the great case? Manage to fix it right after posting the question. It appears to be a formatting issue for which I have stared at a 100 times and not noticed:

'trusted_domains' =>
array (
    0 => '*",