Whiteboard integration NC21 and Talk 11

has someone a klick to do how to discuss
a whiteboard within talk …

it seems i’m not able to get it to work to open the whiteboard within a runnin talk meeting

any ideas

when i do a click on switch to file … its kickin me out of talk


so if anyone can discuss a whiteboard within talk and not screen sharing
canu please tell me how to set it right …

You need to either drop a whiteboard file into the chat or select one via the filepicker.
Unluckily the file picker currently has no create option, it’s tracked in Ability to create files, not just folders (...) · Issue #264 · nextcloud/nextcloud-dialogs · GitHub


i thought so thx

but there is only chat (ext) avail for discussin the whiteboard with others no video
or am i wrong?