Whiteboard app disappointing

Updated to version 21 today. The whiteboard was very prominently featured in the presentation. Now, first point: if you want install it you get the message “untested”. ??? Hype for an app which is untested? Well, installation is possible and the app works. But how to export? There is no way I could find to do this. And I didn’t find any app to open wbr-files. Without this, the app is quite useless. If you work together on a project of course you want to downlod the result eventually to work with it on your computer at home. If this isn’t possible you will probably use some other way to collaborate.

Yes, I know: this is open source and made by volunteers. And I’m very grateful to be able to use it for our non-profit project at no cost. But please don’t promote something in alpha state. You don’t do yourself a favour and people will loose trust in nextcloud.


Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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Hi @Myrwhydden, you might consider the new whiteboard app, available for NC21 and above. It certainly doesn’t provide any of your requested features but has better collaboration support and some other nice features in comparison to the “old” whiteboard app.

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The original poster thought they were installing the new whiteboard app since they upgraded to NC21 and went to try it. I am in the same boat!

What makes you think they are referring to an old app…? I am having trouble finding a new version that doesn’t say ‘untested’.

Because he/she said .wbr-files. which the old whiteboard app produces, afaik. The new whiteboard app produces .whiteboard files, afaik.

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Did you actually tried out this app? Whiteboard integration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

It is definitely a hidden feature to find “Whiteboard integration” in the integrations section rather than the more obvious App called “Whiteboard”. I just found it myself and then came back to share my findings, only to discover you had also helpfully shared it here!

Perhaps the description of the “Whiteboard” App could be updated to refer to the “Whiteboard integration” that enables whiteboards in the files app for version 21+?

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I think the problem is the fact that a used name like “whiteboard” in versions from 18 to 20 can not be changed to “whiteboard old” and used from a new whiteboard-app . And i think the alternative name “whiteboard integration” is not too bad because it is not a whiteboard, it is only an integration of a whiteboard.

Hi there,
I tested whiteboard integration as soon as I updated to NC 21, and I’m really disappointed, the app is unusable.
If i want to use the scribble nothing happens during the first 10 seconds after clicking, then it start to draw.
It draw so badly that it’s impossible to write anything. Obviously, every time i release the mouse button I’ve to wait another 10 sec.
Other users seems to have the same issue, I’ve posted on the github like two weeks ago, and the issue is still dead silent.

I’ve no clues what I can do, my nextcloud is running on a dedicated bear metal server with more than enough performances.

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Yes, this is really problematic. We tend to switch to NC Talk for our meetings, but without a whiteboard feature, Talk is useless for us :confused: